Cyber Hearts

I walked down your garden path 
To try to hear your soul,
Instead, you held a window up
With filtered face and show.

“I want to know you’re ok;
That your heart is truly fine,”
But all your words would give were
Your distortion, your tech, your wine.

I felt I was on the outside,
Never truly looking in;
These fake walls you kept putting up
Caused weariness within.

I do not only point at you—
I also am the same.
Escape from trying to be real
Is where I too have laid.

True relationship’s not knowledge—
It’s not watching on a feed;
It’s reciprocal and vulnerable,
It’s “into me you see.”

Update me with your status,
Keep on pushing me aside;
Continue without connection
In your safety do abide…

…but when you’re ready to glitch out a little…

Cyber hearts are programmed,
They’re not naturally this way;
The blue screens have conditioned them to:
“Toss interconnection away.”

“Synthesise relationship,
Serve yourself up on a screen,” they say
“Let a bunch of strangers
Judge your words, your hair, your screed.”

If you really want to know me,
And if you truly want to be known;
You’ll take the time to spend with me—
We’ll change the garden’s growth.

We’ll unbind all the root-bound roots
From restrictive plastic pots and
Into organic garden soil,
We’ll plant the whole danged lot.

Away from windowed filters—
Beyond the cyber blues of screens,
Our cyber hearts will grow to deep
With interconnected ease.

New ecosystems will emerge,
We’ll draw wildlife, receive rain, tend to seeds;
Through authenticity we’ll truly care—
Our hearts will fill real needs.