I See

I see the beauty of Papa’s heart reflected in creation. I see the gold of His motives in the sunset and His grace spilling out across the sea.

I see the promise of His justice in the strength of the waters and the rising of His hope in the eagle as it catches the updraft.

I see the determination of life as it buds from within levelled tree stumps and as green saplings push their way through grey cement.

I see the power of togetherness and love as fish move in shoals and schools—their paths, their considerations and their determinations forging a way ahead. Love leads.

I see the promise of the new through the ashes of the old; as dust returns to dust, it is not the end, but the beginning all over again, returning us to The Only One who could ever breathe His life into our lungs in the first place.

I see that this collapse will lead to an expansion because the Kingdom doesn’t work in the same way our minds do. The first moments of dawn might now be reflected through tiny teardrops or dew, but eventually a new sunrise will move across the face of the earth and its smile will shine like the sun.

Yes. Selah.

(Photo by Hasan Almasi.)