Child of God

Each one of your fingers
Imprinted by Papa,
Was uniquely crafted
and lovingly placed.
Your face was created
To echo His brightness,
His likeness moves through you—
A light on display.

Wherever you wander
Your feet fall inside
His footprints of safety,
His beauty and life.
Know this my dear co-heir:
Creation’s awakening—
The hope of His glory’s
Alive in your eyes.

No longer an orphan,
You restore as He does,
And speak what He speaks—
You welcome the Dove.
You as His child,
Do carry His power,
You mute dark agendas
You walk in His Love.

You're Yeshua's darling
You lean into His grace,
Hope rises within you
Through joy’s strong embrace.
Judgment can’t take you
Where new world requires
The law He has beaten
Now in Him you rise.

Kingdom technology
Awaits its release
Through you as His son,
His daughter, His priest.
The frequency’s swirling,
It’s traveling the earth,
To rest upon those
Who would value its worth.

It’s time to awaken
And stand in your place:
Do you know who you are yet?
Catch the grin on His face!
It’s time, child, to open
Your eyes up and see,
Who Papa in Heaven
Has made you to be…

A son…
A daughter…
Of God.