Freewiting || No Filter

When I was a child, I walked where others feared to walk:
I slayed giants, talked to rabbits, and
Held a fearless view of the world.
The sky was my canvas
And the keys on my piano were my stepping stones
To higher realms.
The creek near our house was the place
That pirates dwelled, and
Pirates were not allowed ashore—
No, they were not.

There were truths in my moments of imagination and fantasy.
Truths about how strong I was,
How quirky my brain was,
And how I could always find a solution—
Even with the least amount of resource.
There were moments of understanding that
I couldn’t do it all on my own,
But by gosh,
I was going to try.
And then school happened.
Life happened.

Slowly but surely, I was trained into a system of weighing and balancing,
Self-judging and self-abasing.
A system of “no, that’s not possible” and
“This only is possible;”
A system of “You must not, because we say so,” and “conform, conform, conform.”

Today, here,
I sit by trees in a parkland with running water,
Revisiting childhood moments of wonder,
And I ponder: “how many of us have given up on dreams,
On plans,
On adventures,
On relationships,
On businesses and creative endeavours,
Because someone else said, “no!”
Because someone else said, “conform!”
Because someone else said, “that makes no sense! Watch out for the bogey man! Don’t take a risk, risks are for fools!”

Can you see those dreams, friend?
Do you remember the places where doubt crept in via the well-meaning fear of another?
Who was it who rewrote your narrative for you, and is it really rewritten,
Or is it just lying dormant?
The word says that the gifts of God are irrevocable—
Once given, they cannot be taken back.
Inside, you still possess the same capacities you were born with.

We are entering new, creative days;
Days where the impossibilities of God’s Kingdom can manifest in our worlds—
If we allow it to be so.
No food here?
We can pull it into existence from ‘there’.
No freedom in the natural?
Ahhh, but our spirits are free—
I can visit you and you can visit me!
No money?
Perhaps the old trading floors are done and we will usher in the new.
New inventions, new artworks, new food sources, new music, new words, new, new, new…

And all proceeds from the child within
Who comes awake
To the fact that the chains around them
Were only ever a clever illusion.

And all proceeds from the child within
Who comes awake
To the fact that the systems of weighing and balancing
Were only ever constructed by words, tape and media paper,
Rote learning, and
Dependent thinking.

Child within, we are in a time where the paper kingdoms of the world are being brought down.
Are you ready to be you again?
Are you ready to dream again?
Are you ready to stand in your place of freedom and
I can’t wait to see you partnering
With ushering in the new.