Roughly half an hour ago, I walked down the stairs to our local waterfall and stood there watching the water run wild for a few moments. There was next to no one down there, so it was a peaceful piece of bliss to absorb.

Upon my ascent back up the stairs, I was met by a lady taking photographs. “You smell absolutely amazing! Beautiful!” she said. “It’s like you just had a shower!”

I grinned and said, “Thank you so much! Are you sure it’s me you’re smelling? ‘Cause I showered early this morning, but Ive been doing all sorts of things since then.”

“Yes,” she said. “It’s you. Is it perfume? You walked right by me and all I could smell was your fragrance.”

“Well, hmm… it must be ‘a’ perfume, yes,” I thought. “Has to be a fragrance from the Kingdom though, because I definitely didn’t just climb out of the shower and there’s really no one else at all nearby.”

“Oh wow—there it is again! You smell amazing!” The lady said.

I grinned and looked her in the eye: “You’ve made my day,” I said. “Thank you for sharing that. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the fragrance.” And then I left her to continue taking her photos.

I love moments like these.

Photo by Camille Paralisan.