You Being You

Sometimes you’ve just gotta embrace an offbeat approach to life because on the beat can fast become monotonous and boring.

By ‘offbeat’, I mean those moments where people become brave enough to inhabit their own thoughts, quirk, and originality without needing to emulate the personas, thoughts and nuances dictated to them by others and by society at large.

When you are truly you, there is no need to try to be original or one-of-a-kind, because you just are… you. And from that space of genuineness — of you being authentically you — it gives others permission to do the same.

Please let the masks and the shadow people fall away from around you — we long to see who is standing above that foot. We want to see who is truly inhabiting that sneaker. Ha! We want you to occupy your space!

If you’ve dyed your hair blue or donned a kilt because a social, political or religious association says you should do so in order to find acceptance, maybe have a think about that. Have a ponder. Maybe have a bite of a brownie or a walk through water lilies — whatever floats your boat.

Yes, bring on the offbeat moments, the true hearts and the beautiful thoughts. Bring on the ‘youiest’ you there is.