The Garden Within

You show me Your words then place them tenderly in my hands. I study them closely. They have a vibration. A pulse. They are tiny but the entire blueprint of Your eternity entwined with mine is in these word seeds. Their DNA cannot be changed because they were woven together inside of truth and love.

I hear, “My gifts and call are irrevocable.”

I let Your seeds fall into the soil of my heart. Their roots go down deep, deep, down, deep, down, down, changing the ecosystem of my inner world as they do so. Then from within my heart springs all manner of greenery. Life. Beautiful living things.

But meanwhile, in the boxes of my mind there is a revolt. Religious whiplash hits hard. “There should be no organic garden springing up from this heart — there should be boxes! Everything must be contained by 5 sides and a ceiling! The new must not grow! It must not be! The Kingdom was never meant to look like this!”

“But how do you know what God intended the Kingdom to look like, my thinker? Do you know every single plan of God?”

My mind sets about trying to make sense of everything and to box the unexpected and the organic, the beauty and the freedom. It tries to remain king over my heart, but eventually it begins to tire.

“C’mon mind. Please rest. Take a breath. Chill!”

Eventually, my mind realises it can no longer contain what is taking place so it bows its knee to the actual King of my heart. It resigns itself to allow, bit by bit, all the cardboard of its boxes to be striped away, cut into pieces, and laid out upon my garden as mulch.

So much difference in the Kingdom. So much bigness in the Kingdom. It wells up and grows in accordance with the resonance and life of me partnering with the Spirit of God. His gentle rain waters my heartscape, caring for my manifesting Kingdom DNA. The Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of revelation sing over the garden of my heart and I instinctually feel my way into ‘seeing’ the deeper mysteries of His eternal Kingdom.

Thank you Jesus that Your life, Your eyes, Your Spirit, are engaging with the deepest places of me and of others. Thank you that we get to grow organically in response to the intelligently designed word seeds you have placed within us. Thank you that unlock hearts and free minds.

Thank you that Your mysteries and our eternal blueprints spring up from the gardens within us. Thank you that we can stroll around the gardens within with You, smelling the fragrances of flowers, eating and sharing the fresh produce with one another, and reclining on the grass under trees laden with fresh, nourishing Kingdom fruits.