Crying Wolf

In 2022, there has been a perpetuation of doomsday media mouthpieces and platform celebrities pumping out twisted narratives and inciting fear in most every single demographic or people group.

Many of the mouthpieces and platforms have blatantly professed alliances (or, for example, partially acknowledged agendas in peer-reviewed footnotes), but have continued to pedal their horrific wares. They have presented their doom and gloom through word-plays in purposely provocative headlines and overly emotional opinion-slinging.

Thinly-veiled threats have been made to interruption of global life by way of coercive propaganda and actual tangible threats of physical violence.

I’m sure many, many of you have had encounters with, dated, grown up with, or lived with someone with narcissistic personality disorder. For those of you who have, the disorder driving the world stages at the moment likely feels very familiar to you. Watching the globalist agendas unfold with their gaslighting, tempers, future-faking, goalpost shifting, victim-blaming, exploitation, demeaning, bullying, psychological abuse, and so forth, is like watching psychological warfare in action. Actually, it’s not ‘like’ watching it: it ‘is’ watching it.

One grand problem with gaslighting and future-faking entire populations over long periods of time, however, is that whilst mouthpieces and platforms might be able to perform minor miracles in damage control when Truth eventually completely comes into focus, people will eventually (in the meantime) tire of living in fear.

Eventually, people tire of being the perpetual buck in someone else’s bank account, the mat someone else repeatedly walks over, or the constant dishonoured partner by betrayal. Eventually, populations become desensitised to fear, and they walk away from the town crier or the threats of the message-bearer who is pedalling it. Why? Because fear wastes time. It wastes life. It wastes energy. It wastes health and tramples joy. It divides, labels and scatters, and love cannot fully reside where fear lives.

I will never forget one particular evening a couple of years ago when a family member and I visited someone close to us who had been threatening suicide for decades. We would receive phone calls telling us that “tonight’s the night,” and I would fear for this person. We would receive narcissistic rage and threats of suicide if we did not bring the person what they wanted, if we did not kowtow to their low moods, their likes or dislikes, or their physical threats.

Up until this particular evening, I had lived in fear that if I did anything to upset this person, they would kill themselves. I had wasted my energy on worry, wondering how the person was doing, and on whether or not I was treading on any unknown—or about to step on any potentially in-waiting—eggshells, thus setting off the next narcissistic rage response. But on this particular evening, that all changed.

The person pumping out fear and terror, sat holding a knife over a major artery. I was so afraid that I felt numb. I could hear the blood pumping by my ears and I couldn’t stop shaking.

My brother looked at me sideways and mouthed, “ignore it.” And then it began to dawn on me. How many times had we been in this same situation, but just in different ways? How much time had we wasted on someone who perpetually refused to get help? The answer was “too much”.

I stood up and faced the person and tried to make my voice sound as strong as I could: “Put the knife down.”

“F*ck off, Catherine!” The person started crying and the knife went down firmer onto their skin.

“Look at me,” I said. “Why did you call us here if you didn’t want help?”

The person looked elsewhere.

“Look at me!” I demanded—suddenly feeling a fire in my belly.

The person looked at me and then in a further fit of rage, threw the knife across the room. In that moment, I realised I was done with being held to ransom by this person’s fear.

My brother stood up. “We’ve gotta go,” he said strongly. He also said some other wise things I cannot divulge because it is his story to tell, not mine, but there was absolutely NO fear in my brother when he addressed the other person. (And just a side note, yes, I contacted community mental health and the police to try to get the person help… yet again.) Additionally, I don’t hate this person: I love them. This means that I no longer join them in their squalor, and they have a perpetual invitation to join me in truth.

Anyway, my point here is this: when you are finally done kowtowing to the fear and emotional manipulation being pedalled by another, you are (more often than not) ‘completely’ done.

Think of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Eventually, the boy was left crying all alone in the deep, dark forest because he had sounded fake alarm bells about a wolf coming one too many times. He had pedalled fear one too many times. And when a real wolf actually finally came for him, no one believed him. They had become too desensitised to the boy’s fear-faking. His emotionality no longer held sway over them. His fear had lost its hold over the greater community.

The populations of the world are currently in the middle of various forms of mass desensitisation re: fear. It will therefore not surprise me in the slightest if, over the next few years, people groups arrive at a pivotal moment; a juncture where they simply no longer care about fear narratives. Or about the agendas being released.

Yes, there may just come a pivotal moment where narcissistic mouthpieces and platforms ‘cry wolf’ for the last time because the response of the population is to turn their backs and walk away. To be done with fear. Unsubscribe. Block and Unfollow. And to reacquaint themselves with each other and with love, peace, and life.

Fear-mongering will always backfire. There is no love in fear and nor is there any life in it. It cannot be sustained perpetually because it is not life-bringing: it is merely a reaction. No,
fear is not the way forward: love is.

Where love is, there is life. Where there is truth, there is life. And eventually eyes will see and ears will hear. They will say, “I’m done kowtowing to fear. Fear is not my god.” In fact, this will not happen somewhere in the far-distant future because the great awakening has already begun.

(Photo by Tom Pottiger)