Snapshot Glimpses

Where am I and where are You?

It is as though a light switch is flicked on and my hands burn with fire. My heart gate opens.

Jesus, I am enamoured with Your eyes. The deep pools; the deep wells; the deep places that eternally call to deep places.

It’s funny you know, Jesus, I can write about You right now but I cannot speak, because what sounds could ever describe this moment of captivation so purely? And what frequencies might take over from the sudden stillness of my spoken words?

You have taken my spoken words and folded them up neatly in a pile beside me—they’ve been stripped away. I would usually use my words to describe You, to encourage others, to fill in silences, to joke around, or even to smudge over seemingly awkward moments. But my spirit doesn’t need those words right now. I feel vulnerable.

A frequency rises around me, deep and rich. It is shaking the ground. Suddenly I am journeying through your eyes, Jesus, and deep into the wells of Your heart. I see You… and in You, I now see my Father.

Father, how open are the fields of Grace and how wonderful the breath of the wind that ripples over the top of the grasses in Your Kingdom like billows. Waves like freedom. They sing a little.

I see others here. Others from the Body of Believers and the greater cloud of witnesses. And now You are lifting me—lifting us—higher and wider onto Your great, starry ballroom floor where there’s nowhere to hide and where we are all one in You.

Here on this galactic ballroom floor with the Milky Way below and Your atmosphere an open expanse, everything else fades into the background.

It’s just me and You and You and me. Me and You and You and me. Me and You and you and me. We turn, we spin, we float upon the suggestion of eternity and the solidarity of Your light. Your love.

There is no other Father like You. No other Father. You hold the dearest and deepest place in my heart. You. You do.

I still cannot speak, but I can laugh. I can dance, and I can move in Your peace and unending joy.

Perhaps we as humankind are awakening into a time where the muscle memory we’ve had around language is about to give way to heart utterances… deep heart places where language is created upon the redeemed sounds of Father’s Kingdom. Where frequencies emerge from the places within us we long thought were destitute… because that’s the beautiful thing about His redemption. His restoration. He makes all things new.

Maybe we have entered a time where creative solutions will expand like swords of light from within us… where deliverance is felt through the striking of a chord, or the commanding of a single, solitary note.

I will pick my words up again tonight—if and when You ask me to—otherwise I am simply and sweetly embraced into You.


Photo by Quinten de Graf