Be Overwhelmed By My Love

Sometimes life pitches some big, overwhelming moments at us where situations and circumstances amass all at once. In those moments, the overwhelm we feel can diminish our ability to reason, process, or even execute a plan of action because it all just seems “too hard.”

Yesterday in the middle of an especially overwhelming moment when a panic attack began to surface, I heard Papa God speak: “Breathe, daughter. Just be still and breathe.”

“Ok Papa, I will. But it all just feels so overwhelming.”

“I want you to change your thinking,” He said. “When you find yourself in a situation that overwhelms you, I want you to pause, close your eyes and take a breath. As you refocus, allow yourself to be overwhelmed and overcome by My love. Instead of being overwhelmed by people, places and things, be overwhelmed by Me. Be overwhelmed by My love.”

I took a deep breath and determined in my heart that was exactly what I would do. And today I did.