I turned off the TV. I waylaid all news media babble. I closed my ears to the sounds and orations of death-speaking spokespeople and fearful people who had been positioned on big platforms as mouth-pieces for left, right ‘and’ centred political parties.

The sound of silence I created was a little eerie at first, but after some moments of pause, I recognised that my mind was defragging. I felt my thoughts begin to move back into alignment and heard my heart whisper: “See? I told you the world wouldn’t end when you muted all those platforms! Come! Let’s walk barefoot on the grass and breathe in the fresh air for a while!”

And so I walked, and now, here I sit. Warm grass beneath me, the scent of freshly-watered soil and gardenia flowers floating about me, and brightly coloured roses dancing over the landscaping beyond.

It is in the middle of this restful space that I hear a muffled kind of celebration or joy moving through the air seemingly very far away. I open my ears towards the sounds. They are like waves or ripples traveling over and through the atmosphere. They are sounds, phrases, and frequencies I have not heard in the longest time because I have surrounded myself for so long with the fear-prophecies of this earthly kingdom. But I hear the celebration. The joy sounds! They come to life around me. They are sounds my heart easily engages with.

The celebration and joy sounds are not of this world… but then again, neither am I. Jesus said that I am ‘in’ the world, yes, but He also said that I am not ‘of’ it.

I am not made up of the headlines and dramas and dark matter that is currently at play in this world. I am not ‘conformed’ to the patterns of this world… I am ‘transformed’ by the renewing of my mind. I am a new creation surrounded by, and made up of, the life words of Jesus. So why then, would I continue to echo the death words, the drama and the decay of this world, when I have the capacity to bring new sounds, new words, and the person of Love into the circumstances and spaces around me? How incredibly powerful! How beautiful and how possibility-filled!

Imagine creating spaces that are void of judgment, fear and death, and instead, filled with life, love and peace.

“Burn bright, daughter,” I hear Papa say. “Let the light inside come forward. Leave the echo-chambers of earthly realms behind and reflect the newness, the bigness, the power, and the Love of My (☝️) Kingdom.”

A movement or momentum forwards usually always starts with one—it just seems to be that way for some reason. One voice crying out in lonely places, issuing an invitation to everyone to move from the old covenant of judgment and into the new covenant of Love.

This is my moment and this is your moment too. This is the hour. This is the time. You were created to shine at this moment in modern history. You were designed to walk free of the fear and death of this earthly kingdom and to manifest the things of His ☝️ Kingdom.

You can break free from the system of fear and judgment. I believe in you.