The First Christmas


As it has always been with redemption,
Our first Christmas
Was the end of the old covenant
And the beginning of the new—
It was the conclusion of an ancient wounding,
And the opening chapter
Of a journey into healing.

As The Word of God was born
Into human flesh
With little hands and feet
And a human body
Created by His own words,
And as the breath of Father God filled His lungs,
The Kingdom realm bowed its ear to earth
To hear the son of God’s first cries…
As the Son of man.

***The Story: As it Took Place***

“It has begun!” comes the cry of the messenger angel.
“Yeshua is born!”
Joy ripples back and forth throughout the Kingdom,
Wave upon wave,
Light upon light,
‘Holy’ upon ‘Holy’.
The Kingdom cannot contain its excitement,
Its power,
Or its eternal ‘Amen’.

As the fabric between our Kingdom realm and earth
Begins to part
Like curtains across a stage,
The angel of the Lord seeks out shepherds
Who are watching their sheep in a field
To first bring them the news of hope and fulfilled prophecy.
The light of the angel of the Lord pushes back the dark of night
And the shepherds shield their eyes—
“You, angel of the Lord, are surely are a sign and a wonder!”

The Kingdom has for some time
Already issued forth its decree concerning our King:
“The governments of the world
Will be upon Yeshua’s shoulders and
He will restore that which was lost.
Kingdoms of fear will bow the knee
Because Love Himself
Will cast out all fear.”

As you can see,
This moment is not just about the Son of God taking on human form;
This moment is about the Son of God
Restoring the world He so loves,
Back into union with Himself
The way it was in the beginning,
The way it was in Eden
When fear was foreign to human hearts and
When their stories were a part of His
And His story was a part of theirs.

Oh the power He will walk in!
He came to set the captives free,
To heal the broken-hearted
And to reveal His Father to those who don’t yet see Him—
He will give this same power to
His sons and daughters.
And the light He shines forth now as a baby,
Causes even the stars to seek Him out—
Yes! The darkness falls away!

“This night in the town of David the Shepherd King,
A new Shepherd King has been born—
Go and see Him for yourselves!”
The Shepherds have fallen to their knees
Before the angel of the Lord.
The voices of my Kingdom family
Rumble and roll across the heavenlies like thunder
And the full brightness of our celebration
Is now seen across earth’s expansive skies:
“Glory to God in the highest of heavens
And on earth, peace!”

My heart unites with Heaven’s sounds,
Frequencies, authority, power and Love—
“His Kingdom come,
His will be done
On earth as it is here, in Heaven!”
Yes, this little One—
The Messiah lying in the manger—
First designed His cosmos with words from His own lips… and now?
He will change the world forever with His Love…
…And He will show others how to do the very same