Love Speaks Truth.

The words you speak are powerful. You were made in the image of God and He gave you a way to speak—to communicate.

When you come to understand you’re His son or daughter—when you come to understand you’re kings and priests—imagine how powerfully the words of Holy Spirit will be communicated to others through you. Imagine how the God of the impossible could use your words to bring life, truth, love and restoration. Imagine what could change around you, in you and through you when you open your mouth with the frequencies of His words on your tongue. Well you can, and He can.

You carry the One who speaks the language of the Kingdom fluently.

Stand up.

You carry God’s Advocate and Helper within you.

Stand up.

You are an emissary of Jesus to the world.

Stand up.

The Advocate is the One who took the Words of God at the beginning of time and brought them into being.

Stand up and open your mouth, child, king and priest.

Stand up and allow the Advocate to speak through you.

Love does not allow little ones to sink with millstones around their necks; love sets free. Love empowers. Love inspires, suffers long, and through it all, love.speaks.truth.

Photo by Brett Jordan