Dictatorship Verses Discipleship

You will. You must. In your government you trust. No questions here. No dissenting there. You’re bound by order, not by care. Do this or you’re selfish. Do that cause you’ve no choice. Threats are necessary to save lives—now silence and mute the sound of your voice.

Division. Higher people; lesser people. Two classes sanctioned by needle. One class gains new freedoms, the other is contained. Choice becomes the enemy. The boogeyman. The shame.

Coerce. Threaten. Silence. Embarrass. Publicly ridicule. Publicly harass. Pay them money. Remove all freedoms. Remove all other possible treatments. All alternatives tucked away so drug companies grow each and every day, while people lose their power and class; the web is spun through syringe and mask.

Love does not coerce or shame. Love is patient; it plays no games. Love is kind. Compassionate. Outreaching. It’s centre of gravity is others-seeking. Long-suffering, it ensures true growth. Truthful, it does not hide or boast. It embraces hearts who’ve much to say, and never, ever retaliates.

Love allows dissenting voice, does not shut down, does not avoid. It listens and considers much; it does not manipulate and is not abrupt.

Love is outward action showed with care and fullest heart disclosed, as love is standing in the gap for truth to dawn across the globe. Into The Person. Into The One. Into The Light… into the Light.

Photo by Fadi Xd