Love Is What Tips The Balance

(Minimally edited: it’s just what fell out on the page this morning as I waited on God)

Smoke clouds billow, choke, and roll;
Bleak is the day and
Dark is the night,
And yet we stand in fight, flight, fright or freeze,
Instead of voicing truth and hope—
We speak aloud discordant tones
Of beliefs and choices,
Emotions and retaliations,
And of theologies and doctrines
Personalised through carefully crafted filters of ‘good versus evil’ and ‘evil versus good.’

And the little ones who don’t know any better—
Who don’t know who their Father is—
Watch us.
They mimic us.
They inhale and choke.
They suck at the words of polluted airwaves for breath;
And their lungs burn like they are lit
With the same acid that asphyxiates the sky
Because they cannot see any difference between us
And the soured sound-waves of the second heaven
With its electronic deceptions
And political agendas.

And still our prayers are against, not for;
Our prophecies are spoken
To break the other,
Instead of declaring
The love of our Father;
Who is a safe place;
A refuge—
A hug.
When will we allow the things of the Third Heaven—
Our truest reality—
To come close?

We hold within us the capacity to reflect
Who our Father is,
And what He is saying to the world:
“Come up here! Come up higher,
And I will show you what must take place!
Speak what I want spoken—
Not what you think should be said—
And it will be done.
My love does not contain fear—
Fear is from the father of the second heaven:
Choose this day life or death,
Blessing or cursing—
Who you will serve.

My son, my daughter,
I love you—
Will you allow My love into
The deepest places of your hearts?
Will you allow My love
Even as the world turns dark?
Will you allow My love to move through you
And beyond?
Love is the only thing that will
Blow away the acid
The smoke
And the fog.

This battle you are seeing
Is an illusion,
A farce.
It is an attempt to unravel
Your redemption
And sully your glory,
To bruise the Truth,
And to slander the light.
Second heaven father has you thinking
That his will must now be done.
But please remember
He’s a deceiver
And the cross is in our hearts.
Please remember, child;
Remember who you are.”

Love is what tips the balance.
Love is what strengthens, empowers, uplifts, and reminds,
Every living thing
Of its worth.
Love removes the scales from the eyes of the hardest hearts,
The most deceived
And the deftly cunning,
And calls back into true value
Those who don’t know the Good News
Of their Third Heaven Father…

Photo by Martin Adams