Blazing Hearts

What did it look like when Queen Esther carried a message about her people to the highest place in the land? Was she fearful? Of course she was. But was her love for her people stronger? Absolutely. And her God? Most definitely. That love misplaced her fear. But make no qualms about it; it was still a life or death situation Esther stepped into.

Appearing before the King without acceptance could have meant an instant death sentence for Esther, but as she moved to share her message, she didn’t cow-tow to the masses.

Imagine all the varied opinions that likely already existed about Esther in the court after Queen Vashti’s removal. Every person working for the King likely had their own ideas about their Queen. But Esther’s eyes were not on the people in high places: her eyes and attention were on her God who was in the highest place, and then on her King who was the highest authority in the earthly kingdom.

There are so many words floating about in our media-washed society at the moment. So many empty words, so many opinions, so many lies, so much deceit. It has all been manufactured from the father of lies—of course, there is nothing new under the sun—but the Esthers and Joshuas of our world are rising. They are the ones who will hold their King’s gaze while addressing the world from a place of deep truth.

I have been seeing platforms being removed for some time now. Platforms in government, ministry, entertainment, education, and so on. The platforms I’ve seen being removed are those platforms that have used their status and power to commit atrocities against creation and humankind, and partner with evil principalities and powers in dark places.

Esther had an entire generation of Israelites to save by way of a message she was given to deliver, but if she had’ve bowed to fear instead of exposing a plot to kill her and her people, a Holocaust would have taken place.

When we press the button of truth around people, those who are unfamiliar with the truth will squirm. They will feel uncomfortable. Weirded out. Angry and afraid. These are simply human emotions. Emotions are not truth. The truth is much greater than the sum total of a human emotion. The truth is anchored squarely in love, and love is a verb. Love is a doing word. Love says, “You’re going the wrong way!” and then lays its life down for the one who doesn’t know what they’re doing. It says, “Forgive them Father, for they don’t know what they’re doing.”

When Esthers and Joshuas (or sons and daughters) move in time with Holy Spirit and under His unction, there will be change. There will be truth, and there will be hope, life and light. Godly exposure of dark places will happen as will the breaking of chains from fear and the bondage of sin.

Presently, I am learning this one truth for myself: “Fear cannot exist in perfect love because perfect love casts out all fear” (1 John 4:18). All fear is cast out by perfect love because fear has to do with punishment. Jesus bore our punishment and then commanded us to love God and love one another. These are seriously huge statements that completely relate to any epoch in time we are living in and which can revolutionise one home, one street, one city, and one nation at a time.

Esthers and Joshuas; sons and daughters; they’re all from the blazing heart club. We are all from the blazing heart club and we are lit by His truth because we reside in the Name of Truth Himself and He resides in us.

Photo by Rhand McCoy