Fire, Gnarled Fists and Fury

My heart is hidden behind shaded eyes,
But if you look—really look,
You will find that
At this moment,
It is speaking to you.
Take it or leave it—
It will be here either way;
Breathing oxygen, and
Waiting to engage you if given half a chance—
Even a quarter.

Today you were fire, gnarled fists, and fury—
A tumultuous sea of melancholy:
A rip tide undermining your own state of being;
But I am still here,
Docked beside you,
Weathering the storm with you,
Helplessly watching you struggle,
Waiting for you to see—
Really see.

My tears fall not only because you ache,
But because - after an almost lifetime - you still don’t know who you are,
Or that you’re worth a smile,
A hug,
A word soft-spoken and of
The same tenderness
One might offer a timid child.
And so, to the child I saw today, I say,
“I see you” and
“I love you”...
And “you. are. worthy. of that love.”

Will you let me take your weathered hand,
Remove your weapons,
Hug your thoughts, and
Speak truth to the lies that have tried to twist and bind,
Blind and malign?
Will you finally, willingly, even minorly concede that
In this, your final leg of life’s journey,
That you will receive from others?
And could you please, please, please...
Let love in?

Photo by ‏🌸🙌 فی عین الله on Unsplash