Necklaces Falling Out of Kayaks

For the past few weeks I have been enjoying this pleasant change in seasons—for those of you who don’t know me, summer is definitely not one of my favourite seasons, but autumn, winter and spring are.

Autumn is the time of year when I (located on the middle-to-lower east side of the country), always welcome in the milder weather. You know that weather, right? That weather that means that you can take a stroll while the sun is out because it doesn’t burn your skin? That weather where the breeze has cooled and the brightened songs of birds begins to venture beyond the leaves of formerly heat-stressed trees? That weather where you can get out in the garden and enjoy digging, composting, mulching, and other laboriously harder tasks because the weather doesn’t prohibit you from doing so? Ahhh, I love these days. And I especially love not fainting from heatstroke.

My palm trees like this weather too, it seems. Not only are they ordinarily lovely in their own right, but for the past few weeks they have been displaying what I like to call “necklaces falling out of kayaks.” That is the official name for this work of art. Others might simply prefer to call them ‘popcorn strings.’ While others? Meh… there’s an official name for them that I should probably look up, but I think instead, it’s fun to create other scenarios.

What do you see in these photos?


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